Importance of Continuing Education


Flashback: Move-in day!

Continuing education past high school is a tough choice to make. Students often can’t wait to get out of school and set out on their own, but the benefits of a continued education can sometimes far outweigh the costs.

Sure, you’ll be drowning in student loans for a while, but the training you receive at a good school can prepare you for a career in a field you truly love. College, certification courses, and even some extra technical training can make a world of difference on your resume, and your general outlook on your field.

Here are a few reasons you should consider a continued education after high school.

The Search for Employment

It’s a tough market out there for anyone searching for a job without some extra education on their resume. Employers are being pickier than usual, and candidates really have to shine in order to get an interview in almost every professional field.

It isn’t enough just to have passion. You have to demonstrate experience to get your foot in the door, and education is one way to get that much-needed experience.

The technology industry is heavily driven by certifications rather than degrees. Just taking the time to grab a few certifications can pay off for you. The difference between tech support and project management is often determined by qualifications. Having a few certifications that prove you know how to do something is a big deal. Some companies require specific certifications for many different reasons. A data center running primarily HP servers might want someone with HP certifications in order to maintain warranties and ensure that the job gets done right.

The choice of whether or not to go to college is an important one that could very well change your life. Even if you don’t go for a degree, many continued education institutions offer classes and certifications that can help you get the edge you need during the job search.

Some of the Best Ideas Come Out of College

This one might not be advertised on the flyer a university passes out, but some of the biggest companies in the world were founded in a dorm room at a college or university. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and countless other businesses started out as an idea thought up by a student and supported by the tools made available by a learning institution.

During college, you’ll meet like-minded individuals that share some of the passion and desire you do to make a mark on the world. The inspiration for the next Facebook could very likely come from a class or a dorm room discussion. A lot more comes out of a learning environment than just smarter students with a degree.

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

There are some things that are just easier to learn in a classroom than they are on the job. While the opposite is certainly true in many cases, there are techniques and practices an experienced professor can teach you that you might not see being properly utilized in the job market. This could actually put you at an advance. You’re often learning these skills from someone that has been there and gone through the trial and error process more than a few times.

Businesses all across the world have on-the-job training. These training courses teach you how the business wants specific tasks done. What they don’t prepare you for are the unforeseen circumstances that don’t come up every day. A little extra education goes a long way here, and it may give you the edge you need to excel rather than just get the job done.

No matter your preferred method of education, it’s important not to rule it out as a possibility. If you ever feel trapped in a given career, a quick course or certification can actually propel you into a different field of your choice. It’s that foot in the door that can make a difference in your life.

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