Small Business Social Media Tool Kit Session Notes – Podcamp Pittsburgh 8

Will Reynolds Young putting on his sessionWithout context this post would look like a set of jumbled thoughts. Even with context it could very well be still a set of jumbled thoughts.

When I speak wither it was a class in school or professionally I would hate to write down my speech word for word. I know a lot of people find it very hard to use just notes but I really don’t like word for word a speech. When in school I was forced to write a speech down word for word I would often ad-lib off that during my actual speech. I really enjoy getting a feel of the audience and letting them guide my speech. With that being said reviewing video from this speech I could have said “ummm” a lot less but other than that I felt it had a wonderful flow to it.

If you read through these notes you will get a general feel of what I discussed however I expanded on each little blurb and jumped around a little. In addition, I ran out of time as expected and left out some information. I wanted to share these notes to show off what I come into a speech with most often.

You can watch my full session and read some of the feedback over at this post.




    • About Podcamp
    • Session Jumping
    • About Me
    • About Session
Question: Show of hands — How many of you own/work a small business
Question: Show of hands — How many of you are currently using social media
Question: Show of hands — How many of you are currently on at least 1 social media site personally
  • Social Media is word of mouth on steroids
  • Biggest asset of a small business is you (the owner)
  • Action Plan – make one!
  • Partner with high school/college classes
  • The FAQ of Social Media
  • How do I get more followers/likes etc
    • outreach (comment on articles, reply to tweets, meet ups
    • do numbers matter?
  • How do I find local customers
    • targets searches
  • How not to be annoying but get your message out
  • How do you encourage people to reply
  • is it okay to ask for a retweet
  • In your opinion is it tacky to post on Facebook or twitter a link to our four square or urbanpoon and saying something like. Have you given your feedback on urbanspoon yet?
Social media Stats
46% of users turn to social media for purchases
Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show, telemarketing, daily mail, PPC (source daily insights)
Mobile Stats
751 Million users access Facebook from mobile with 7,000 devices
60% of twitter users access from mobile
  • Twitter (28% of retweets include “please rt”)
    • 140 character updates
    • short sentences
  • Facebook (75% of the engagement happens in the first 5 hours /// #3. 62% of Facebook users are active on a monthly basis, higher than any social platform)
    • images preform better
    • post as company page
    • appeal to friends/family
    • ask questions
    • still short and sweet
  • LinkedIn (50% of users have a bachelors or grad degree, 3 million company pages)
    • more of B2B platform than B2C. However you can connect with company pages
    • as a small business owner you can really build your personal network focusing on your business
  • Google+ (343 million active user vs 288 million for twitter, 67% male)
    • Technical Community
    • can be very active
    • gear for big beautiful pictures
    • Google Hangouts – meetings / engage
    • Google Docs
  • Pinterest (69% of users are female, 80% of pins total pins are repines/shares.   Food is the top category with 57% discussing)
    • Pin relative images to your business
  • Instagram (5 million photos a day)
    • images – behind the scenes
    • tags
  • Vine
    • short 6 second videos
  • Youtube
    • promo videos, funny videos
  • Tumblr
    • short quick and easy things to share
  • Company Blog
    • establish
    • relevant content
    • guest posts
    • quora
  • Apps Management
    • buffer
    • hoot suite
  • Tools
    • find unfollow iPhone app
    • mention
    • ifftt
    • echofon
    • jing
    • dropbox
    • statigram
  • Save for later
    • pocket
    • evernote
  • Article tools
    • Zite
    • Reddit
    • stumbleupoon
  • What not to do
    • Setup an automated feed
    • leave networks unattended
    • profiles unfilled/blank
  • Get Images to share
    • flickr creative commons
    • Wikipedia public domain images
    • your fans!
  • Blogs to follow
    • GaryVee
    • Unmarketing
    • Shawn Graham
    • Chris Pirillo
    • Buffer Blog
    • Shopify Blog

What are your goals for using social media?

Brand awareness, sales or lead generation, or ongoing social media integration into overall marketing strategy?
Determining the objectives of your social media strategy greatly influences the tools and budget necessary to succeed. Once objectives are determined, consider the resources your company has available to commit to it’s social media strategy, but do not constrain your self to financial resources.  Additional questions to consider are:
How much knowledge do you, or your team members have of social media platforms?
How much time can you commit to social media marketing?
Who is your audience and on which social media platforms do they engage most often?
Can you handle everything in-house?

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