Facebook: Transparency in Corporate Public Relations

I had a paper to write for business ethics. My topic of choose was the Facebook scandal pertaining to Google’s Social Circle. Miguel Helft’s, May 13, 2011, New York Times article “Facebook, Foe of Anonymity, Is Forced to Reveal a Secret” discusses Facebook’s PR smear campaign against Google’s Social Circle. As a rule, Facebook prides…… Continue reading Facebook: Transparency in Corporate Public Relations

25 Best Google Android Applications

Developers has been working continuously in past months to supply new and functional applications to its rapidly expanding user base in light of the recent growth of the Droid smartphones. Those who own the Droid claim that developers feverishly brainstorm to keep the app pool fresh and competitive, this dedication resulting in the release of…… Continue reading 25 Best Google Android Applications

PodCamp Pittsburgh 5

I will be attending PodCamp Pittsburgh 5 in person for the first time. Last year I attended PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 via the online streaming provided by Vivo. In addition to attending this year I am also assisting on the organization committee helping work out the details of the event. I am excited for a week-end…… Continue reading PodCamp Pittsburgh 5

A glance at Social Media Marketing.

Also posted on Podcamp Pittsburgh Social media is becoming one of the main tactics of marketing, but its popular initiative can be useful and successful not for all the businesses. Before taking the decision about an implementation of social media into the company’s activity, the organization should think about pros and cons of such innovation:…… Continue reading A glance at Social Media Marketing.

From Blackberry to Google Android in an iPhone World.

Let’s face it you can ask just about anyone and they will know what an iPhone is and know about all its apps it offers. Unless your in the technology world you don’t know all the pros and cons of each device. This Christmas I was gifted a Motorola Droid running the Android 2.0 OS…… Continue reading From Blackberry to Google Android in an iPhone World.