Interview from Podcamp Pittsburgh Meet and Greet

My interview with Eric Williams (@FunkyDung) at the Podcamp Pittsburgh Meet and Greet at Alpha Lab that took place on September 16, 2011. Social Media in Four Questions, Interview #1 from Eric Williams on Vimeo. I decided to not be passive at Podcamp Pittsburgh this year. So, in order to create some content, I hooked…… Continue reading Interview from Podcamp Pittsburgh Meet and Greet

PodCamp Pittsburgh 5

I will be attending PodCamp Pittsburgh 5 in person for the first time. Last year I attended PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 via the online streaming provided by Vivo. In addition to attending this year I am also assisting on the organization committee helping work out the details of the event. I am excited for a week-end…… Continue reading PodCamp Pittsburgh 5